Create Marquee Text in TextView

What is Marquee? Basically, Marquee is nothing but a scrolling text. When we have a long text to display in title, we mostly make it multi-line OR, the ...

Working with JobScheduler

What is Job? First of all, we have to understand, what is Job and then we can able to understand the rest of the things clearly. So Job is ...

Working with Android Palette API

What is Palette API in Android? An Android Palette API is a library given by Google to extract color from any of the images used in our application and ...

Android Tips and Tricks-gsmprix

Always use android:textSize as SP (scale-independent pixels) instead of DP or DiP (density-independent pixels).  If we will use Sp for textSize, then it ...

Working with Fresco Image Loading Library in Android-gsmprix

What is Image Loading: Well. Let's take an example of e-commerce mobile apps. The main content for these kinds of application is nothing Image.  If we ...

Create an Application class in Android

In Android, Application is the base class in Android which contains all Android components like Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers, ...

Generate SHA1 MD5 and SHA-256 certificate fingerprints or keys easily

What is SHA1? As per Wikipedia: In cryptography, SHA-1 is a cryptographic hash function which takes an input and produces a 160-bit hash value ...

How to fix Illegal State Exception-Circular dependencies cannot exist in RelativeLayout

What is this error? This is mostly a layout error which comes in RelativeLayout. Basically when we tried to put two views in a RelativeLayout one after ...

Intents in Android-Android Application Development

Android Intent What is Intent in Android?   In one recent post, we discussed Android Components. If we consider Android as a Family then ...

Android Components-gsmprix

What are Android Components? Types of components in Android Android components are the main part of the application flow through which the application ...

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