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Android Intent

What is Intent in Android?

  In one recent post, we discussed Android Components. If we consider Android as a Family then Android Components are the member of that family. So there should always be good communication between them. The communication is always not like a message only, sometimes a member can send some bundles with the message or it can be only some bundles without any message. So all these communication works are handled by the Intent itself. So Android Intent is nothing but the messenger who does communication between Android Components with some Action. Action is like to start the other component. Intent can pass messages and also can able to deliver some bundles to the other component.

Types Of Intents in Android:

There are two types of Intents in Android. One is called Explicit Intent who does its work inside the Application with a proper destination address and the other one is called Implicit Intent who does its work outside the application with a proper Action by the help of Intent-Filters.

What is Explicit Intent in Android?

Explicit Intent is a type of Intent who does its work inside the Application. It always has some proper destination address. For example starting an Activity or Service inside the application. So Activity and Service are situated in a known area to which the Intent can go and ask them to do some action. It is like traveling inside one house from one room to another.

What is Implicit intent in Android?

Implicit Intent is another kind of Intent which does its work outside of the application. It generally holds the ACTION with it and does its task. If we have outside work then we generally have to go outside. if we have to buy something then we must have to go outside the as same as the implicit intent. sometimes we know the market but we have to find the proper shop with the address. So our ACTION should be BUY and the address should be the shop’s address. Implicit does the same. We will explain both again when we will use them inside our blog.

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