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Let’s say someone gave me one task to understand one programming language and create one simple Android application in a week. And definitely I will get money once my Application will run in a device. Or I will select a company as an intern. Hmm What you think! What we will do?



I have an idea. We can gather some info that will help us to write the first Android app which will run in one device in a few hours.


First forgot about what is Android, history, company blah! blah! etc. Unfortunately we don’t have time for now. we can learn everything once cleared the task.

Ok now we have two minutes to think. How or where to start. If we can gather some information then it will be great and also we can write somewhere to reduce more work. Then we have many other tasks to do outside. Right


Hmm I thought something. 


1st) Which programming language is used to write Android apps (Apps means Applications).

I googled and got some answers:   Java, Kotlin, C++, C, C# and some others are also there. Kotlin is officially approved by Google to use as a programming language for Android development, but for now better is Java as its pretty simple to start. Ok, I got it.


2nd) How to create an Android app in Java?

Oops. Such a small question but the answers are minimum 4/5 pages. What to do. This is not a good time to learn these much as we are not children to learn. We are adults.

All right. For now we can just check where to write these Java programs which will create an Android app. It may be a notepad or command prompt (Really!!!!!!). Again I can’t go with commands. I don’t have that much capacity for now.


Hu Hu, I again googled and got some good stuff: It’s actually called IDE( Integrated Development Environment). It has all features like

Automated code correction (that means for predefined stuff we have to write half and rest half will come from Ctrl-Space keys),


Drag and Drop also for page designs. Simple drag a design item. Let’s call it Views (Button, Text-box, Drop-down, etc). And drop it where ever you want inside the page. Hmm it’s helpful and will save me time at least.


And for Android something is there which provided by Google itself and its called Android Studio.  And I can download it from 

Now let’s see how we can install and make it ready for Android programming. It’s difficult for us to learn everything at a time. So better to ready the Android Studio first.

To make it easy I have added some blogs with some videos. Let’s have a look. Mobile Phone Reviews, News Specifications

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